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President Message

President of the University Prof. Raafat Mikati

The speech of the university president Prof. Raafat Mikati to the students at the opening

In the name of of Allah the Merciful

Praise be to Allah, Lord of the Worlds, and prayers and peace be upon the Most Merciful, the Master of Creation, the mercy of God to the worlds, and the great Creator, our Master Muhammad, and on His family and companions.

"Our Lord is on us to trust us and here is our prophet and here is the fate."

"Our Lord open between us and our people the right and you are the best conquerors."

Our students, peace be upon you and God's mercy and blessings, and congratulations to you at the beginning of the new school year ..

We hope that your goals will be to achieve the goals of science, justice, freedom, unity and charity at work. Science is a duty in Islam, and God's instinct in man, and the knowledge connected to God paves the way for justice, and justice is to achieve the approach of God in real life. Justice governs the flag and directs its ends to the good of all people.

Freedom is an instinct in the human nature, human morals worsen and its work worsens if its freedom is curbed or besieged. Freedom is the presumption of monotheism, and tyranny is linked to polytheism.

The power of the nation in its unity and cohesion, the difference and disagreement lead to conflict and failure, and the decline of vigor, occupation, colonialism, and all that you hear and hear from around you.

As for charity in work, there are two parts: the perfection of perfection, the division of charity, the proficiency to work and produce knowledge and inspiration, intelligence and skill, a nation that is not proficient in its work is assassinated by psychological, spiritual and physical weakness, and all the colors of poverty.

As for charity, it is to direct the ends of the work done to God, and to the good of the people, the good people, their benefit to the people, charity to worship God as if you see, if you did not see it sees you, and all of the above leads to the importance of knowledge and wisdom.

Knowledge is the capital of the present, the hope of the future, and its universal knowledge, but knowledge without wisdom leads to wars and destruction and destruction as you hear and see from around you!

Wisdom is the insight into the consequences of things, and the guidance of the goals of science and knowledge for the good of all mankind, it is - then - the purest nectar distilled by the mind of man, so God said: "The wisdom comes from whom He wills.

I wish but a good year blessed, God willing.

"Our Lord comes from your mercy, and it is us who ordered us rationally."

"Our Lord does not give up our hearts yet, as He has guided us, and grant us mercy from you. You are the Wahhab."

Great truth of God

Peace, mercy and blessings of God