Introduction to the Department of E-learning at the University of Tripoli

Department of E-learning


Building an integrated e-learning environment capable of providing diverse and distinctive educational services and providing advanced alternatives for those interested in distance learning through the conversion of entire curricula into the form of integrated and distance education, in accordance with local and international standards for the quality of inclusive education.


Delivering the university's scientific and intellectual mission to the largest segment of learners, locally and internationally, by facilitating distance learning tools and developing intelligent learning methods to reach the highest levels of distinction, as well as scientific and university leadership.


  1. Developing a strategic plan for E-learning and distance education at the university.
  2. Developing E-learning standards and policies at the university.
  3. Achieving quality requirements and performance indicators in E-learning and distance education in accordance with best international practices.
  4. Creating the right environment for activating the role of E-learning and providing excellent educational services.
  5. Providing modern and diverse E-learning methods that are compatible with the need of the educational process at the university.
  6. Continuing monitoring of the development of e-learning techniques and methods and facilitating their use in the educational process.
  7. Developing electronic research capabilities and working to make a quantum leap in scientific research related to E-learning.
  8. Producing interactive E-learning content, developing it and adapting it for the university’s various educational curricula.
  9. Training the educational process’s concerned parties from administrators, teachers and students, enabling them to use E-learning techniques and methods adopted at the university.
  10. Exchanging experiences with educational institutions to raise the level of e-learning and spread the culture of self and distance learning.

Available specialties in the e-learning program:

  • Diploma in Islamic Studies.
  • Diploma and Master’s degree in family studies.
  • Diploma and Master’s degree in Holy Quran interpretation (Tafsir) and sciences.

Contact Addresses:

E-Mail address:

Telephone: 0096176323973

Work hours: 08:00-20:00 Lebanon time.

E-learning director: Ms./Mrs. Sumayya El-Awad

E-Mail address:

Telephone: 009616447203/300


Office hours: 09:00-13:00.

System administrator: Mr. Noor El-Din El-Qashti

E-Mail address:

Telephone: 009616447203/234


Office hours: 16:00-20:00.