Arabic Language Center for Foreigners

Arabic Language Center for Foreigners


Arabic Language Teaching Center (ALTC) For Non-natives speakers targets newcomer students from Non-Arab countries to acquire them the skill of mastering the Arabic language (Understanding, reading and writing) by adopting the latest teaching methods, and modern techniques in the teaching of Arabic language by Arabic language specialists.

The program features:

  • This program is a subordinate to the University of Tripoli.
  • The presence of a university residence.
  • Take advantage of university facilities (Teaching - Auditorium).
  • Use the latest audio and video technologies in the presentation.
  • Adoption of the latest language published courses.
  • Follow the students in the evening by obliging them to integrate in dialogue and conversation session.
  • Having postgraduate program to prepare the Arabic language teachers for non-native speakers
  • Establishment of extra- curricular activities to ensure meaningful student communication between different nationalities.


  • The program includes three stages. Each stage includes three levels. Each level includes 50 hours distributed over the whole month (13 hours per week) to give students practical skills and Homework.
  • Set up evaluation and assessment exams and in all subjects (verbal communication - a general culture - written expression - Dictation – morphology - writing development and reading development)

Program Goals:

  • Qualifying students who studied the skills of translation from the non-Arab in order to meet the needs of their countries in this regard.
  • Prepare scientific and cultural cadres in the country's non-Arabic speaking.
  • Enable them to communicate with the Arab environment.
  • Straighten pronunciation and phonetics.
  • Teaching Foreign students the Arabic language as the language of the Koran.
  • Provide an opportunity for students to assume scientific and governmental positions in embassies, consulates and other in the Arab countries.
  • Qualifying students to join the universities to follow their specialties.

Additional Options:

  1. The center offers special summer programs (intensive courses) for students who comes from other universities (during the summer break to give them the necessary skills requirements (for a period of a month and a half)
  2. A special session can be submitted to a group of 15 students.
  3. A university dormitory is available within the campus.
  4. Provides food, leisure trips and health insurance for students who are interested.

Note: Many international students from different nationalities graduated from the University of Tripoli Arabic Language Teaching Center (ALTC)For Non-natives speakers