Arabic Language Center for Foreigners

Arabic Language Center for Foreigners


The Center for Teaching Arabic to Non-Arabic Speakers is dedicated to non-Arab immigrant students to give them the necessary skills of mastering the Arabic language (comprehension, reading, writing and speaking) by adopting the latest educational methods and modern techniques in teaching Arabic language by an elite group of specialized professors.

Program features:

  • It is a university program as it is affiliated to the University of Tripoli.
  • Dormitory is available
  • Students will benefit from the university facilities (classrooms - theater – offers – sports club).
  • The programs’ presentations are using the latest audiovisual technology.
  • The latest language curricula are being used.
  • Students are followed-up during evenings by requiring them to attend interactive workshops and do assignments that strengthen their Arabic language.
  • The Center hosts a postgraduate program to train Arabic language teachers that could teach non-Arabic speakers.
  • The Center organizes purposeful extra-curricular activities to ensure student communication between the different nationalities.

Program objectives:

o Teaching Arabic (the language of the Holy Quran) to foreigners.

o Correcting mispronunciations and phonics.

o Enabling them to communicate with the Arab environment in which the university is situated.

o Training scientific and cultural cadres in the non-Arabic speaking countries.

o Teaching students the skills of translating into Arabic, meeting their countries’ needs in this regard.

o Providing the opportunity for students to hold scientific and governmental positions in such places as embassies and consulates in Arab countries.

o Qualifying students to join Arab universities and pursue their specialization.


The program includes three stages with three levels each, and each level contains a total of 50 study hours over a whole month (13 hours per week), giving students skills and applications under the form of assignments.

Evaluation and assessment exams are prepared for all courses (oral communication – general culture – written expression – dictation – grammar – writing – interactive dialog).

Additional options:

o The Center offers special summer programs (intensive courses) for students coming from other universities during summer to provide them with the necessary skills (one and a half month courses).

o A special course may be offered to a group of students wishing to study, provided that the number be not less than 15 students.

o Included university residence in a distinctive university environment.

o Providing students with food, making them participate in weekly trips, as well as making health insurances for those who so wish.

Students from 23 worldwide nationalities have graduated from the Center so far.